Here is a video from 1946 filmed on the Red Lake Reservation. It talks about farming, art–features Patrick DesJarlait Sr.–as well as fishing, and logging.   The narration clearly isn’t geared towards an Anishinaabeg audience, and is at times hard to listen to. However, I did enjoy seeing the people living life in 1946.  Continue reading


Here’s a few more illustrations from “Gidjie and the Wolves” (Intermediaries, book 1). ‪‘Gidjie’ is short for gijigijigaaneshiinh, ‘chickadee’ in Anishinaabemowin. Here she is, working some dough. What kind of dough, you ask? If you guessed that it-she-is a living doughball named Bluebelle, who comes from a piece of frybread dough made in the 1800’s,Continue reading “Illustrations”

Jonathan Thunder Collaboration

Well, the cat’s out of the bag. In my interview with Lisa Johnson, host of KUMD’s MN Reads this morning, I couldn’t help but tell her about a new development: Jonathan Thunder (aka my hubby) will inking my drawings for “Gidjie and the Wolves”! Here’s a link to the MN Reads interview from this morning:Continue reading “Jonathan Thunder Collaboration”

Quick Sketch Peek

Dear Friends, I’ve gotten requests to see some of the illustrations that I’m working on for “Gidjie and the Wolves” (Intermediaries, book 1), and thought I would take a moment to share a quick pencil sketch version of the illustration that accompanies the prologue. The final image will be digital, as I’m working in ProcreateContinue reading “Quick Sketch Peek”

Easy Manoomin + Bison Stir Fry

Serves 3-4 2 cups cooked manoomin 1 lb ground bison1 red pepper1 half head broccoli 1/2 small onion diced1 cup sliced mushrooms 4 eggs (optional) Cook bison + onion w/a little oil until bison is halfway done in a large frying pan.Add veggies + mushrooms, cover pan and let cook 4-5 minutes, stirring every couple minutes.Stir in eggsContinue reading “Easy Manoomin + Bison Stir Fry”

‘Imminent Cuisine’ – a new Food in Indigenous Futurisms Zine

I was recently asked by Andi Murphy, creator of Toasted Sister Podcast (–a podcast with the tag-line–‘Radio about Native American food’–if I wanted to contribute a to her new endeavor, a first of its kind zine about Food in Indigenous Futurisms. HECK YES I told her! I asked for help calling in a story fromContinue reading “‘Imminent Cuisine’ – a new Food in Indigenous Futurisms Zine”