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Boozhoo, hello! I’m a writer and artist from the Red Lake Nation of Anishinnabe in northern Minnesota. My literary works include the contemporary romance Native Love Jams; The Good Berry Cookbook: Harvesting and Cooking Wild Rice and Other Wild Foods; the middle-grade illustrated book Gidjie and the Wolves; and Girl Unreserved, a fictionalized retelling of my own coming of age tale. My illustration work includes 3 books in the Minnesota Native American Lives series; as an assistant illustrator of Gaa-pi-izhiwebak; and illustrator/penciller for Gidjie and the Wolves. My short works include recipes, essays, poetry, and short stories. I’m also a jewelry maker working in beads and birch bark and some metal work in the past. I live in Duluth, MN with my husband, son, and a turtle.

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