What are indigenous foods?

When we talk about Indigenous Foods we’re ultimately talking about relationship. 

We’re talking about the foods that have historically nurtured and shaped our bodies, our cultures, and our traditions as Indigenous Peoples of this land base we know as Turtle Island from our (Anishinaabeg) creation stories. Other tribes have different names for this land base. 

In turn, the history of each of our Indigenous Foods is also tied to this land, and to us. 

Our histories are a shared one.  

This is what makes people, plants, and animals Indigenous to a place—a historical ‘upbringing’ if you will, in a shared space on our Nimaamaa Aki, Mother Earth.

–Tashia Hart ~ Diindiisikwe

Tashia Hart is an Anishinaabe writer, artist, and cook hailing from the Red Lake Nation in northern Minnesota.

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