Native Love Jams

Contemporary Romance

Coming June 21, 2023

Native Love Jams is a debut work of contemporary romance by Tashia Hart, author of The Good Berry Cookbook: Harvesting and Cooking Wild Rice and Other Wild Foods.

About the book:

Two cooks fall in love while foraging, camping, and cooking at a food festival The in rural Minnesota.


Winnow arrives to Rainy Bay hours after leaving her cheating fiancé, Chris. The problem is, he’s out of town and doesn’t know she’s moved out of their house and they’re no longer a couple. Winnow’s hopes of spending the week forgetting about Chris are jarred by her host Niigaanii, who has a secret that’s capable of reshaping Winnow’s past. As Niigaanii’s feelings for Winnow grow, he must decide if some things are better left unsaid. As the village of Rainy Bay works out the kinks with its first Indigenous Food Days, Winnow works out the kinks in her love life.