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‘Imminent Cuisine’ – a new Food in Indigenous Futurisms Zine

I was recently asked by Andi Murphy, creator of Toasted Sister Podcast (–a podcast with the tag-line–‘Radio about Native American food’–if I wanted to contribute a to her new endeavor, a first of its kind zine about Food in Indigenous Futurisms. HECK YES I told her! I asked for help calling in a story from … Continue reading ‘Imminent Cuisine’ – a new Food in Indigenous Futurisms Zine

Food Fights

This is my first digital cartoon! I made it after an invasion in the kitchen by SYSCO at the 2019 Oneida Food Sovereignty Summit, followed by a swift kicking of SYSCO’s ass by the local Oneida community.  It’s a little goofy-looking and basic, but it’s relevant to the struggle happening with the Indigenous Foods Movement … Continue reading Food Fights

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