“…Gidjie is absolutely special and wholly memorable.” -The BookLife Review

“Gidjie and the Wolves” (Intermediaries, volume 1)

Young Readers Ages 8-12

Gidjie is an Anishinaabe girl who lives near the shore of Lake Superior. Her best friend is an opossum. Her grandmother is an expert baker, traveling animal medic, and part-time bird.

Join Gidjie as she embarks on a life-changing journey to uncover the whereabouts of her missing wolf aunt–prodded on by dancing foxes, a tiny man on a floating island, and unexpected friendships.

“Gidjie and the Wolves” is the first book in the Intermediaries, a middle grade series now available:


Many independent booksellers: https://tashiahart.com/indie-booksellers/

Amazon.com (in paperback and ebook)

This book features 53 Illustrations by the author.

This book was made possible with the help of a 2019 ARAC Career Development Grant.

Next in the series…

“Gidjie and the Island of Moon” is the second book in the series, following “Gidjie and the Wolves.”

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