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Press Release:

Anishinaabe Own Voices author Tashia Hart releases new book “Gidjie and the Wolves” (Intermediaries, volume 1).


Gidjie is an Anishinaabe girl who lives near the shore of Lake Superior. Her best friend is an opossum. Her grandmother is an expert baker, traveling animal medic, and part-time bird. Gidjie receives an invitation from a dancing fox to set off on an adventure and find the whereabouts of the fox’s kits, and soon realizes it’s not just the kits that are in danger; her aunt is also missing. Can Gidjie work together with new friends to bring everyone home safe?

Book Details:

Ages 8-12

192 pages

53 illustrations penciled by author and inked by Jonathan Thunder

ISBN: 978-0578630519

Now available at, as well as through many independent bookstores,, and other retailers.

This book was made possible with the help of a 2019 Arrowhead Regional Arts Council Career Development Grant.

Author Bio:

Tashia Hart (Red Lake Anishinaabe) grew up in the wilds of Minnesota. She loves animals, writing, drawing, plants and cooking. “Gidjie and the Wolves” (Intermediaries, volume 1) is a combination of things she loves. In addition to the Intermediaries series, she is currently planning book 2 in her adult series, Broken Wings and Things, as well as writing a wild rice cookbook in partnership with the Minnesota Historical Society Press. She writes essays and recipes about wild foods for various organizations, tribal programs, and is an avid beader with 30 years of experience. She believes Indigenous people should control how their stories and likenesses are portrayed, and so has recently started the independent publishing company (Not) Too Far Removed Press. The mission of the press is to uplift fellow Indigenous authors and artists.