(Not) Too Far Removed Press

Born out of necessity, (Not) Too Far Removed Press is dedicated to creating beautiful works of art featuring stories and characters deemed too ‘removed’ from what big publishers decide are marketable. The goal for (Not) Too Far Removed Press is to make it clear that these stories are not too far removed to have a place on the bookshelf.

The first book put out by the press is the middle grade novel “Gidjie and the Wolves” (Intermediaries, volume 1).

For Young Readers age 8-12, 192 pages, and featuring 53 Illustrations, Gidjie and the Wolves was released on April 6, 2020.

I am currently working on a novella, a comic book series, and two novels.

I will be opening a Call for Submissions this summer for both an illustrated short story collection and a zine.

For general inquiries about books, collaborations, or to leave comment, you can reach out to me via email: nottoofarremoved@gmail.com