Free Books For Kids

Since publishing Gidjie and the Wolves in April 2020, I have had generous contributions by individuals, organizations, and businesses who make a point to monetarily support getting diverse books into the hands of children who so desperately need to see their own likenesses in the books they read.

A huge thank you to the following individuals and businesses for helping send free books to kids:

Peg Furshong, Mia Como of Amplifying Voices for Youth, Tara Perron, Nick Sumner, Christina Holland Designs, Meg Dolan, John G. White, Prashanthy Vigneswaran, Jessica Brandis, & Janeen Van Valkenburg.

Some of the places your contributions have helped send books to:

Cansayapi Wakanyeza Owayawa Oti, Anishinabe Academy, Red Lake Boys & Girls Club, Bert Raney Elementary, Nay Ah Shing School, Oshki Manidoo Center, Lakholiyapi Wahohpi – Nest Language Program, Red Lake Homeless Shelter, Bdote Learning Center, Wicoie Nandagikendan, Ortonville MN Public Library, Graceville MN Public Library, Morris MN Public Library, & Santa Fe Public School Native American Services Program.

To help send free books to kids, you can contribute in any amount to: via PayPal with the note “Free Books For Kids.” Alternatively, if you would like to get your classroom, program, or child on the list for a free book, please email your info to: