Gijiibaakwe Manoomin na?

Aaniin Indiniwemaaganag!

I’m happy to announce that I’m authoring a cookbook about Manoomin and Wild Foods of Minnesota in partnership with MNHS Press.

In addition to creating 50+ recipes myself, I am including about 2 dozen recipes featuring Manoomin (could be the focus, could be a small part of the dish) from MN and across the country. Manoomin, and everything about the Good Berry, is special to many. And I’m going to represent that.

I can’t tell you how excited, humbled, and ‘ready to go’ I am for this project. I have wanted to write a wild foods book for years.

For details, click on the Call for Submissions tab above, and please feel free to share it within your circles!


Tashia ~ Diindiisikwe

Red Lake Reservation, 1946. This short film touches briefly about farming, art–featuring artist Patrick Robert DesJarlait–as well as fishing and logging. The Narration in this film isn’t geared towards an Anishinaabeg audience, and was at times hard to listen to, but I did enjoy seeing the people living life in 1946.

This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive and courtesy of The Internet Archive.

-Diindiisikwe March 13, 2019