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Prologue & Sketch

Dear Friends,

I’ve gotten requests to see some of the illustrations that I’m working on for “Gidjie and the Wolves” (The Intermediaries, book 1), and thought I would take a moment to share the prologue for the book along with a quick pencil sketch version of the illustration that accompanies the prologue (see below). The final image will be digital, as I’m working in Procreate to create the illustrations after doing all of the pencil sketches.

Also! Tune into 103.3 KUMD MN Reads tomorrow at 8:10 am to hear myself and host of MN Reads, Lisa Johnson, talk about the creation, inspiration and execution of “Gidjie and the Wolves.” 

Prologue to “Gidjie and the Wolves”

When humans first began to walk the Earth, the other two-leggeds of the era pondered at the lack of animal features these new beings displayed. 

Sharing both animal and human characteristics, these older bipeds became known as the Intermediaries, and took up the role of watching over humans and animals alike. 

Over time, a communication gap widened between the humans and the animals. Hostilities developed as the humans believed the Intermediaries favored the animals. As a result, brief warfare occurred between the humans and the Intermediaries—many who were more powerful in physical form than the humans.

The Intermediaries soon became regretful of the fighting and decided to conceal their dual nature from the humans until the time once again comes when all of the beings are able to understand one another.

The customs and cultures of the Intermediaries have continued to develop to foster the communication between animals and humans, and they continue to position themselves to be of service to both accordingly.

This story is about a human girl adopted into a family of Intermediaries, seeking to understand where she fits in and what her role will be.

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