Gijiibaakwe Manoomin na?

Aaniin Indiniwemaaganag!
I’m happy to announce that I’m authoring a cookbook about Manoomin and Wild Foods of Minnesota in partnership with the Minnesota Historical Society Press.

In addition to creating 50+ recipes myself, I am including about 2 dozen recipes featuring Manoomin (could be the focus, could be a small part of the dish) from Minnesota and across the country. Manoomin–and everything about the Good Berry–is special to many. And I’m going to represent that.

I can’t tell you how excited, humbled, and ready-to-go I am for this project. I have wanted to write a wild foods book for years.

For details, click on the Call for Submissions tab above, and please feel free to share it within your circles!


Tashia ~ Diindiisikwe

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